“ To work effectively and fast to a better health.”


480 seconds

That's exactly the time you need per day to develop your muscles in an elegant way, and work towards a healthier body simultaneously. With the 480TRAINER, in those few minutes you’ll be working towards optimal fat burning, healthy blood circulation, sufficient stamina and flexibility at the same time.


That’s why this innovative training device is the answer for everyone who likes sports, but actually has no time. Or doesn’t feel like hanging around the gym for hours.


With the 480TRAINER that’s no longer necessary. It is the most exclusive and effective exercise equipment in the world. No training device delivers such good results in such a short time. The 2x4 minute workout is equal to drudging for one and a half hours over traditional exercise machines.


In this workout you work on upper and lower body, using 80 percent of all movement muscles. That is 12x more than with running or an average fitness exercise!



It’s not without reason, that several studies show the 480TRAINER to be the best training device currently available.

For a healthier life with cardio, strength and flexibility, you don’t need hours of workout anymore.

Only 480 seconds.