For a healthy, strong and flexible body, free of symptoms,

you do not need much time.


Only 480 seconds per exercise session.


Why choose the 480TRAINER?

  • Because it only takes 4 minutes a day to develop a healthy body. Slightly more than the time it takes to brush your teeth.
  • Because, before you know it, you’ll be fitter than ever with the 2x4 minute workout. 4 minutes upper body, 4 minutes lower body.
  • Because in those few minutes, you’ll achieve what normally takes 1 to 1,5 hours of jogging or working out at the gym.  
  • Because there’s no training device as effective. With the 480TRAINER, you use 12 times as many muscles as on other devices.
  • Because on the 480TRAINER, all muscle groups are used simultaneously. You improve the strength in your legs, abdominals, arms, back, chest and shoulders.
  • Because a daily workout on the 480TRAINER improves blood circulation and as a result helps fight diseases.




  • Because thanks to the work-out on the 480TRAINER, you’ll perform better in other sports. You’ll build more lung capacity, stamina and muscle mass, and your body will become more flexible.
  • Because everyone meets their own challenge on the 480TRAINER. From beginner to professional athlete, the 480TRAINER is equally effective for everyone.
  • Because with the 480TRAINER, your muscle mass will be up to standard in no time, ready to be further developed in an elegant way.
  • Because in a fast and effective way you’ll ensure that you won’t get thicker, even when leading a busy, sedentary life. In 4 minutes per day on the 480TRAINER, you’ll hold your muscle level. Trained muscles are essential for the prevention of fat, to stabilize your blood sugar and your joints, normalizing your cholesterol and your blood pressure.


In short, with the 480Trainer you’ll work on overall health.