The 480TRAINER is  developed by Hans Mars. With more than 25 years of experience in the Health, Sports and Fitness industry he has produced a machine to see his dream come true: As many people as possible fit in an effective, fast and responsible way.


After his basic education Hans completely dedicated himself to specialty courses and management training in Health, Sports and Fitness. Besides that he kept developing himself in personal growth including Trancendental Meditation, Personal Power, Performance Management & Spirit to Inspire.

The combination of this education and training are well reflected in his own LifeStyle and the people he personally guided.

During his many impressive positions in world-renowned Health Spa & Fitness Clubs as a personal trainer and manager he has shown how effective and progressive his vision in Health and Fitness is. He was appointed no less than 3 times as Sports and Fitness Manager of the year. Beside that he was also awarded as Best Man during his time in the Royal Dutch Marine Corps/Navy Seals for his outstanding performance in this physical and mental very challenging training. Also nominate worthy is the fact that Hans was European Champion Kyokushinkai Karate Full Contact multiple times on an International top level. For connoisseurs a very impressive achievement.

The exceptional fitness and lifestyle of Hans are the result of his total development as a human being. He knows how to balance his physical and mental health by training, eating and relaxing the right way. It is exactly that he wishes to share with as many people as possible.

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