As an employer, you benefit from healthy employees. It not only increases their creativity and productivity, but also their job satisfaction. Not surprisingly, more and more companies offer sports facilities.

For most employees, however, time is limited. They often do a quick workout, resulting in too few results. If workouts take too long, or take too much time, people tend to quit.

The 480TRAINER provides for this, which helps you as an employer. Your employees will get all the exercise their bodies need, in just four minutes a day. One day 4 minutes on the upper body, the other day 4 minutes on the lower body.

In four minutes you're not going to sweat, so they could even workout in normal clothes.



As many people as possible fit

in the most effective way






Obviously, an employee can do the 2x4 workout three times a week as well. In any event, in just 24 minutes per week your employees will be fitter than ever. A strong, lean and healthy body for everyone. Regardless of age. Time management for your employees.

That's only benefit the productivity and mental toughness of your people. A lovely touch to your employees and an important part of your corporate culture.

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