Quick results. That’s what many people look for when they go to the gym or to the fitness center. They don’t have hours to spend but still want results.

That’s why the effective 2x4 minute workout on the 480TRAINER is the answer for them. For within 8 minutes, you do all the necessary exercises at once. In addition, 55 percent of all your muscles are used. That is 12x more than with running or an average fitness exercise!



" Visible results without spending

hours in the gym."





Consequently, rapid results are achieved. For when using the 480TRAINER, all muscles work together simultaneously, instead of the usual training where only a few muscle groups are involved.


With this workout you’ll burn fat, increase muscle tone, improve your stamina and increase muscle strength. You will be more flexible and nimble than ever before.

With its compact design, the 480TRAINER will fit easily in your gym. The training device is 2.4 meters long and 85 cm wide. You can chose from four different models / colours.

In short, the 480TRAINER is an essential piece

of equipment in any fitness center. 

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