For anyone who leads a busy life but still wants to practice sports, and work towards a better health, the 480TRAINER is the answer.

To be fit, you don’t need to leave the house anymore. You need only 4 minutes a day to train. One day, 4 minutes on the upper body, the next day 4 minutes on the lower body.




“ Fitter than ever in

four minutes a day




Time management of sports, wellness and health has never been this easy. You can plan these 4 minutes whenever you want. Most preferably, at a regular time. That may be right after getting up, before showering and dressing. Or in the evening. It does not take much more time than brushing your teeth.


If you train 5 to 6 times a week, your body and personal wellness develop with you. You build muscles, burn the necessary calories, and at the same time you work on an overall better health. With better blood circulation, increased stamina and lung capacity, and a flexible body.


90 percent of the people find fitness boring and time consuming. With the 480TRAINER there’s no excuse.


4 minutes a day fits any calendar