Eric Kuster -  International interior designer

I have been working out on the 480TRAINER for some time now, and for me it is an ideal training device. I travel a lot all over the world, so I don't have much time. Therefore, a prolonged workout is difficult to schedule. Because of my lack of time I want the best workout in a short time with quick results. The 480TRAINER is the answer. Because of the short training time of 8 minutes, I can always find a moment to work out, so I keep feeling fit.


Drs. Eric Hein -  Movement Scientist

I'm not fond of fitness machines because they make you weaker, not stronger, and I find them boring. The 480TRAINER is the  exception to the rule. Upper and lower body are trained on the full range of motion. This will make you not only stronger but also more flexible. One can train both on strength and on strength / endurance, and resistance can be used for developing muscle mass / fat burning by acidification training!


Peter Aerts - Mr.. K1 3 times world champion

I think it's a Super Device. Short and powerful, I work on my fitness, fat loss, muscle mass and agility. This is very useful while preparing for my fights and tournaments. I don’t acidify as quickly, and I can exercise longer in full . I would recommend it to anyone.


Gertjan Commu -  Chef IBT Police Central Netherlands

Including 10 years chief Arrest Team Utrecht 

I started on the 480TRAINER because I was overweight, and my lower back and left knee hurt. A short, 2x4 minutes,  complete workout for the whole body appealed to me. There is no depletion of your joints, making it a safe exercise. Because it is short and powerful, it is easy to endure. Within 3 months I’d lost 10kg, had a lower fat percentage and more muscle mass. I did not suffer from my lower back and left knee anymore. With others, I see similar results and sometimes amazing improvements. In other fitness programs, many people drop out because of time, dullness and being prone to injuries. For me, the 480TRAINING is easy to persevere.


Maureen du Toit -  presenter and writer

Due to my work, my family and two children, I don’t have much time. That’s why the 480TRAINER is an ideal machine for me. I exercise 2 to 3 times a week for eight minutes: 4 minutes upper body, 4 minutes lower body. I start with the extreme rowing movement, and finish with the extreme step movement. Because you put so many muscles to work at the same time, a few hours later you’re still in an afterburning mode without actually doing anything. It is Pilates, Yoga and Fitness in one. I achieve results fast, almost without sweating, and I build long elegant muscles. My stamina is increasing, I burn fat and I feel great.



Dr. Thom Lobe -  Bene Veda Medical Group, owner Rejuveneda Spa

most people don’t have enough time for their sufficient daily dose of exercise. That’s why I only focus on the best of the best for my patients clients. 12x more muscle mass is used as compared to jogging / running, and there is no impact on your knees, back or other joints.



Marko Heneweer -  Physiotherapy and Sports Teacher

I started the 480Training with a group of 30 Movement for Recovery participants. My experience with the 480Training is very positive. It is a very safe and simple training, which can be carried out by everyone. Even participants with movement restrictions can still complete their training at their own level, if necessary with limited fulfilment. After a quiet start, it becomes High Intensity Training with real impact on the participants. Many of them were poorly trained and had little confidence in their bodies. The fact that they completed the intensive workout of 2x4 minutes, making progress during the process, is first of all a mental victory. This clearly showed, that the participants really gained a victory over themselves, as well as an increased confidence in their own movements. Many participants also got more energy due to the workouts, and told me that walking up the stairs as well as cycling went so much better! This translates to better endurance and more strength. This is reflected in their body composition. Decreased fat percentage, and increased muscle mass. When we finally look at the time investment, I think that given the short workout timespan of 480 Seconds / 8 minutes, it is a very effective tool in Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation.

Danny De Vries -  Owner Defensibility Academy & Top Sport Centre The Colosseum

I wanted to try the machine because I did not believe what was being said about it.  After having had back pain for years, I am now pain free, and building muscle mass fast. In our competition group, being the top fighters of K1 and Glory World Series, I see them building a bigger “engine'', so they can exercise longer at a 100%.  They are less acidic and have more air. Athletes from all over  come to us for an internship, for they want to experience why so many talents originate from our academy. The 480TRAINER is a part of our business.



Hans Mars -  Fitness Expert and (Top) Sports Trainer

480TRAINER, at this moment, in my opinion there is no faster and more effective way to get customers fit. Safe and sound and with such impressive results. Because it’s so short, 8 minutes, people carry on. Because people carry on, they get results and that motivates. In my 25 years of (Top) Sports and Fitness experience, I haven’t seen any ​machine or device that provides so many physical benefits in so little time. For me this is the absolute king of fitness / health appliances. Of course there are better sports and fitness programs for specific purposes. All of which take longer and carry more risk of injury. However, for your overall physical condition the 480TRAINING is state of the art! My motto is, as many people as possible fit in the most effective way in as little time as possible. Young and old, male or female, athlete or untrained, fat or thin, it’s suitable for everyone. Perhaps the most underrated benefit of the 480TRAINING is the blood circulation that’s triggered in the body. For your health it’s important to remove waste materials from your body. The 480TRAINING is the most effective, safe, and time-saving method to do so. The 480TRAINER is not so well known yet, but overall it’s gaining more and more ground. 


  Seven days a week, she radiates at work and at all major parties. She eats like a wolf and still fits in any tiny garment. The range of motion training is her secret. "A workout in 8 minutes? That was something I wanted to experience. It is tough because you deal continuously with firm contra pressure. But it’s doable, because you save time for other things, and I know no other way to burn 800 to 1000 calories in 8 minutes. Good to know, during the actual workout you burn about 150 calories. But during the 24 hours after the workout, your body is still afterburning about 800 to 900 calories. Your body is still exercising while you yourself have finished a long time ago.' Jessica Alba



"To drive to the Gym cost me more time than the entire workout “ says Matthew McConaughey. He admits that he owes his six pack to his sit up addiction as well. The range of motion training I use mainly to keep my muscle power up to the mark fast.”    


For `Kill Bill’ , Uma Thurman, who had just given birth , needed to rapidly build top shape, strength and flexibility. She succeeded with the help of range of motion training.


"The range of motion training is the Best Time Management Tool ever, says Lifestyle Coach and Success Guru Antony Robbins. In my house in California, at my resort in Fiji and at my seminars all over the world, I use this effective workout. "

The range of motion training is comprehensively tested by Hans Mars in Fitness, Health & Wellness Clubs, Gyms and Personal Training in eg. Amsterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven and Istanbul. The unique workout resulted in top fit users, with a weekly effort of 3x8 minutes.

Surveys and studies by TNO in the Netherlands and Universities from the USA, Canada and Japan also show excellent conclusions.

Many athletes from Hockey, Rowing, Martial Arts, Soccer, Athletics as well as untrained individuals, U.S. Navy Seals, Hollywood stars, the Police and the Fire Brigade, the Olympic Swimming as well as the Rowing team have already found their way to the range of motion training. Experience it for yourself and try it out! Superfast, the 480TRAINER helps you to a better shape, more muscle mass and a tighter, slim figure, more flexibility and agility and fewer physical complaints. Believe it or not but try it out. The solution to improve your body and health.